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iTmarine Limited

Our business is to improve the monitoring, exchange and sharing of market information between colleagues, and to enhance team working through advanced real-time applications that are extremely flexible, customisable and easy to use.

Who we are

iTmarine is a well established software design & development organisation that uses the latest relevant technology and significant in- house experitise to provide & support powerful software applications for today's Shipping Industry professionals that require a high-level of operational efficiency throughout their daily business activities.

We fully understand the complexity's of Shipbroking, Chartering and Trading businesses; in their need for reliable, flexible and easy to use systems that are fully scalable, align with existing working practices and that grows without degradation with corporate expansion. Our applications presents a simple, yet highly efficient and very cost effective solution for market information input, storage, distribution and instant access, in the most relevant data format. The systems we specialise in are primarily geared to the international shipping and transportation market.

Our business is focussed on simplifying and improving the execution, sharing and viewing of in-house market information within teams, departments, groups or global offices. We offer a customised environment to help manage the way your pertinent market information is managed and presented to one another. Our main systems are based on the concept of real-time, collaborative team working that also allows for monitoring different market segments instantly, in a user friendly way.

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