About Us

iTmarine is a company already established and successful in a growing list of clients and product modules, with their systems and individual applications deployed across an entire range of company sizes and operating segments including Tankers, Dry Cargo, S&P and Ship Chartering activities.

Our Services

We serve both local and international offices that wish to deploy a more 'inclusive' environment whereby teams and market segments can benefit from up-to-the- minute market information picked up by each team member in order to share the information instantly and in a user friendly way.

The Live! Board system offers the perfect environment for all shipping departments in-house market-makers to have an instant overview of, for instance, latest activity, rates, fixtures and reports... all within a single master-screen and accessible from wherever you may be located, and by PC, Tablet or Smartphone. It vastly reduces your in-box queue of internally sent emails!

The CharterParty Editor offers content processing efficiencies in the execution, recap and filing of different CP forms, using the most appropriate technology and designed for ease of use and quick turn around between Broker and Principal.

The Sticky Board is a personal electronic 'multi-functional board' that is instantly available to you at the office, or via your smart phone or whenever linked to the Live! Board system. For enhancing and organising your personal note taking within an office environment.

A distinct advantage of our expertise is the ability to provide and deploy reliable, proven software applications that are fully scalable, sits comfortably alongside existing systems or integrates the information as required, and readily caters for your business expansion and technology advancements...

...Our inherent architecture takes into consideration Scalibility, Flexibilty, Deployment options, Security and Future proofing.

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